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This site is created for men and women who intend to restore lawful government to the Nation States of America, and to move their affairs 

from the Corporate/Admiralty/Military jurisdiction of the sea to the law of the land, the ancient common law of the People. 

This site  is a rallying point for men and women who know what needs to be done to restore our republic.  

The emphasis is on reactivating the law of the land in the Northwest Territory called New Mexico, that is now operating as a corporate subsidiary of United States Inc.  New Mexico has never become a state of the original union.  None of the land of the Northwest Territory has been admitted to the union because The United States of America stopped functioning in 1862 when the Southern representatives walked out. 

Most of those entities in the yellow box  to the left are private, for-profit foreign-controlled corporations.  They are not lawfull states of the union formed with the organic original constitution for the united States of America. 

Each state of the Union is a separate sovereign nation.

We have been conditioned to think of each state as a subdivision of the federal government.  This is true under the corporate law of the sea; that part of the government dedicated to foreign affairs.

Together, the states created a federation,  often called the federal government,  and gave it 19 enumerated powers...and nothing more.  We did not give it, for example the authority to tell anyone what they can grow, buy, sell, or smoke.  We did not give it the authority to sell our natural resources and our land to anyone; especially foreign powers.  We did not give it the authority to rent public land to ranchers for a fee to a foreign corporation...BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT that is   domiciled in Porto Rico. 

The founders did not give the feds authority to tell a farmer how many pigs he can raise.  We gave no one the authority to force us to buy a license to own a dog. We did not give anyone the authority to to imprison us if we do not pay them for a license to travel from one place to another. 

The source and origin of all law and the ultimate  authority in this universe is the Creator.  That law is natural law; the law of gravity, thermodynamics, cause and effect and so forth. Included in natural law is the right of self-defense.

The founders made it very clear that no agency of our government can restrain our right to arm ourselves for self-defense; both individually and collectively---in any manner whatsoever.  Any attempted limitation on our right to carry a weapon...any kind, any place, any time, is a violation of state and federal constitutions and is void from the beginning. 

The Organic Foundation of this federation is the Declaration of Independence .     

Here is the beginning of the second paragraph of that document:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

And not from those dickheads in D.C. 


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         WHICH ARE  YOU? 

       An American State National 


       A United States citizen.

One is a King.

The other is property.  

No government can make you choose, and neither can any corporation. 

Most people think like this:  

"I was born in ...for example, like myself, Georgia.  Georgia is a member of the federal union called The United States of America.  Therefore I am a United States citizen. That is not true. 

More Soon

We are looking for:

1.  People to study the process of establishing  constitutional counties. 

This includes, among others, electing a Sheriff.  setting up a Grand Jury, and all the necessary details and offices to do this; Judge, clerk, bailiff, coroner...all of it.

 Some of the people in other states have done the research and have the information available on how to do it;  Those will soon be posted here. 

2.  Someone who knows more website design and management than myself.

3.  A place to meet.

4.  Money. 

5. Contributions of material for this site:

Writing, videos, graphics, audio files, links...ect. 

6.  People to interview.  Red Pill Media has a small video studio. It is available for general commercial use, or to produce material for this site or for general distribution.  Depending on the circumstances this can be at no cost or a fee to production costs. 

7.  People with Camera and Sound production experience. Students who want experience are welcome.

8. A Video editor.with more skills than myself.  

9.  Fund raisers.

10. Someone who knows how to design and promote public events. 


              THE TWO ASPECTS:

              SURF AND TURF



                         Judge Dale 

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Soon, this site will have links and references to the people and organizations who are uncovering this information, and making it freely available on the web and selling it cheap…20 bucks or so for the fruit of 30 years of research. See, The Book, in the right column on this page. 

References to historical treaties, supreme court decisions, and a lot of that stuff is forthcoming.

First, I send out a call to those who already understand why no one in their right mind want the corporation to presume that they are a United States citizen those people who are aware of the benefits of formally noticing  the corporation  of your birthright as an American State National.

How many of you know that State of New Mexico is a corporate subsidiary of United States, Inc. with no authority of the people and only the power  to govern its  own employees?

This is a private for-profit corporation and it is not operating under, “…the just consent of the governed.”

I suggest that an action  group be formed.  This group will gather the most convicting documentation of this reality and submit it to the  the Sheriff, the Attorney General, the Legislature, the City counciles,  and the Governor.

Ask:  "Where is your oath to the people and the de jure state , not the corporate imposter?  If they choose to remain in the de facto,  say no to the People's instruction...., and most probably most of them  will say "no", , then you elect your own. 

The exacting procedures are detailed in papers available  from existing republics-in-formation in other lawful states of the union.  These materials will be forthcoming on this site. 


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                      THE BOOK

You Know Something is wrong when...An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.

           Anna Von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher                       Illustrated by Paul Allen snover.

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Do you want to help bring it to life? 




Were you looking for the site named The Republic of New Mexico?

Were you looking for the site for the State of New Mexico? 


Maybe you were looking for New Mexico state.  

Do you think all of the above  are variations of the same thing?  

They are not, and they are not what most people believe them to be. 

Or...are you already aware the these realities, and are ready to join with others and begin the task of restoring government of, for, and by the People.